Refund Policy

While every care has been taken to satisfy the service requirements, there are always cases when a refund is require, If you decide, before activation of your number, that you would like to cancel you order, you can call us or open a support ticket to cancel.

In this case you will have a full refund for services and other fees.

If you decide to cancel after the activation, ie: a number was issued to you or your number was ported to us, please inform us that you would like to cancel your order. At that point, we can refund any unused balance in your account, Setup charges and other fees are not refundable.

All of our sevices are no contract, no credit check, You can cancel anytime and we will issue you full refund of your balance showinig in your account.


Please note that after service(s) has been installed and activated, you are obligated to the agreed-upon service agreement.